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I love helping new people. I've moved my entire life, and there is nothing more wonderful than a kind, helpful person to show you the ropes. Living abroad can be doubly hard, and I love the idea of using this blog to help even more people. So whether you want tips on traveling, living abroad, or just what to do on your weekend, I hope these will help you out! :)

Expat Life
Sometime Being an Expat Sucks Series Part 1: When You're Lonely
Sometimes Being an Expat Sucks series Part 2: When You Have No Creative Outlet
Real Expat Life: Things I WON'T miss about Germany
Real Expat Life: Things I WILL miss about Germany
Getting Over My Fear of Flying

Polish Pottery Shopping in Boleslawiec
Shopping at Nachtmann Crystal Factory
Shopping in Souks and Bazaars of Morocco and Turkey
Shopping at Berlin's Mauerpark Flea Market

Trip Planning
Hostels vs Hotels
Plan a Trip on a Budget
Travel on a Budget
Quick Guide to Greek Ferries
Visiting Norway without Breaking the Bank

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