Thursday, February 4, 2016

Oh, hey there!

I've found that when life gets crazy, something inevitably falls by the wayside. This past year, that thing was the blog. Fionn was deployed for most of 2015, and I traveled a lot while he was gone. When I was back in Texas, I kept myself busy at a breakneck pace so I'd stay distracted. Then he came back and we dove into planning our upcoming move (for those of you keeping count, that's our 4th move in 4 years!) and our round the world trip (London, Paris, India, Thailand, and Japan). 

Basically, 2015 was NUTS. Now that things have quieted down I'm slowly getting back to the blog. There is so much to catch up on, so I hope you're all still around! Can I bribe you with delicious pastries?