Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Beach in Glencolmcille

The beach in Glencolmcille is a five minute walk from the school. In fact, from my classroom I could see the waves crashing onto the beach, tempting me away from verbs and grammar and into daydreams of walking along the beach on my lunch break.

The beach has a wild, rugged beauty, typical to Donegal. Our week in Glencolmcille was marked by picture perfect weather every day, so a group of students would usually get together to explore the beach after lunch.

To me, this is my idea of the perfect landscape. The beautiful rolling hills, green postcard-perfect fields studded with sheep and newborn lambs, dramatic cliffs set against crashing blue waves-even today, when I feel stressed I imagine myself back on the beach in Glencolmcille.

1 comment :

  1. That really is a beautiful landscape, I can see why you'd imagine yourself there in stressful times! How're you doing, it's been a while? :)