Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Texas Apartment Tour

I love how no matter where I find myself in the world, our stuff makes it feel like home. I also love the blank canvas of opportunity each new home gives you. Where will these pictures go? Will that chair work here or in the corner? Should we buy a new lamp?

One of my favorite things about our apartment is that it's so cobbled together-most of our furniture was a hand me down or was picked up from a local thrift store and given a new lease on life with a little paint. Throw in a bunch of souvenirs from our travels, and you've got our house.

It may not all match, but it fits our style.

Upstairs we have our bedroom and the bathroom, and on the stairs we have all the art we've collected together, both from strangers and our talented family members.

The kitchen is enormous, the biggest one I've ever had. After cooking in a tiny German closet of a kitchen for 2 years, counter space and room for two people to maneuver is a welcome change! Of course, it also tempts me to sprawl my clutter onto the counter tops...

We even have a little corner for my china cabinet to live in.

Finally, our dining room doubles as a desk/work station where I get my homework and blogging done. I love all the natural light! This was probably the biggest hurdle for us while scouting apartments in Texas-a dining room big enough for our massive Bavarian table!

Helpful hint to you newlyweds-buy a table with a removable piece in the center so you can make it longer or shorter. Your future apartment searching selves will thank you.

This is our third apartment in one year. I can't say it's my favorite, because each apartment was special to me in its own way and had its own pros and cons, but it's a good temporary home before we head to the next (unknown!) place. It's our own little peaceful oasis from the world (well, when our neighbors aren't shooting at us!)

Sometimes I dream about what it would be like to have our own house-one we didn't worry about leaving, where we could paint the walls and plant flowers where we wanted and do all sorts of home improvement projects knowing we'd stick around long enough to enjoy them. But for now, I'll enjoy where I'm at.

What's your favorite part of your house?


  1. Your living room looks so super comfy, and the lamp on the wooden chest would look perfect in our living room ;) I love our kitchen even though it's pokey, simply because it has windows - that's a major improvement! And our couch, since from it the view is pretty amazing.

  2. I love your china cabinet, the stained glass in the window and all the natural light! Looks like such a cute and cosy apartment. Ours is surrounded by trees and a low, sloping roof so not much light gets in. It's really spacious though and has the biggest closets - something I could only dream of back in England! x

  3. You have a unique taste in furniture, Shannon. I just love thinking about how each of the furniture's story make up the style of your home. Also, that harp is lovely. Does anyone in the family play? Anyway, thanks for giving us a lovely tour of your Texas home! All the best to you! :)

    Naomi Walters @ Chicora

    1. Hi Naomi! I'm the harpist in the family :) there's a second one but it's currently being rented out. It gets a bit crowded with two in the living room!

  4. Wow! Your house is so charming! I have to agree that that harp takes the cake in the most whimsical deco category, and it kinda makes me want to hear you play. Oh, and I love how cozy your kitchen is. Most kitchens have lost their homeliness due to the overzealous amount of modern renovations, but yours is just perfect. Thanks for giving us a tour of your lovely home, Shannon! All the best to you!

    Willard Evans @ Wow Homes