Monday, March 30, 2015

Monkeys in Bali!

I'm really not a big fan of monkeys. When we were planning our Bali trip, I specifically asked that we skip the (in)famous Monkey Forest because I had no desire to see, touch, or be bitten by a monkey. But as we drove back to Denpasar, we saw the monkeys and everyone wanted to stop and see them. I was too scared to get out of the van, so I hung out the window and made the most of my zoom lens!

Despite my fear, they were actually pretty cute. Many of them are silly and actually kind of sweet, and they kept us laughing with their goofy antics and cute babies.

At one point, they waited til the banana seller was distracted to pilfer a few snacks from her bag. Bad monkeys!

This little guy totally fell for my Kiwi cousin. He stayed in his arms a long time, casually patting his chest to ask for another snack. Cute!

Despite one cute monkey, my general dislike of them remains unchanged. I'm just happy I have brave cousins who gave me some good photo ops!

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  1. I find monkeys really cute and playful, we often had them in our garden (or sneaking into my gran's kitchen) and they were fun to watch. But as kids we were also warned at school about them because they'd come onto the playground sometimes and could get aggressive especially if children had food or provoked them. So I prefer to keep my distance!