Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Let's go to the Grand Canyon!

My brother was in Tucson for a month long work project, so since Fionn is gone I decided to drive out and see him. He had a weekend free, so we drove up to the Grand Canyon!

Ever since my first grade teacher returned from Spring Break with pictures and a few rocks from the Grand Canyon, I have always wanted to visit. I mean, I've traveled all over the world seeing other country's famous natural wonders, but I've barely seen my own! Fionn had already been multiple times, so my brother was the perfect partner in crime for the roadtrip.

Not to mention he has great taste in music, enjoys car karaoke, and unhealthy vending machine snacks. We are totally related.

After hours in the car, we were so excited to finally arrive and get to exploring. The Grand Canyon did not disappoint. It was seriously breathtaking!

My brother is an artist, so I left him to his watercolors while I explored a few of the look out points. I returned after a while to see he'd attracted quite a crowd.

Eventually I dislodged him from his adoring fans (and a pair of girls trying to score his number) and we continued along the trail, watching as the canyon's colors changed as sunset approached.

Being the daredevil that he is, my brother climbed down to a narrow ledge (despite my protestations that this was probably not allowed), and even though my heart was in my throat, wondering how I'd explain this to my mom if he tumbled off, he was fine. And the pictures are pretty dang cool.

I chose to dangle my own feet off a much less terrifying ledge.

Of course this ignited a mischievious spark in my brother's eye, who insisted on taking the following picture just for our mom...

(don't worry, no brothers were endangered in the making of this photo, Mom!)

Funny picture quota met for the day, we shared a candy bar and watched as the sun began to set.

God's creation is truly gorgeous.

Now I can check "Visit the Grand Canyon" off my wish list!


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  2. Wow, what gorgeous shots! I would love to visit the Grand Canyon someday.

    Hope your adjustment to west Texas is going well. Greetings from Germany. :)

    1. It's getting better! I've started learning some Spanish, so that is helping ;)

  3. So beautiful! I so hope to visit the Grand Canyon one day. I would be like you, just dangling my feet off the ledge is dare devil enough for me.

    1. Glad I'm not the only one! That photo is actually a cheat (there was a wide ledge below where you could stand). But that's as brave as I got ;)

  4. What an amazing day, and so nice that you got some quality time with your brother. I really want to visit the Grand Canyon one day.

  5. That looks fantastic. The Grand Canyon has long been on my "gotta see it" list.