Friday, March 20, 2015

Bali Snorkel Adventure

Snorkeling has long been on my bucket list. So when my cousins proposed hiring a boat and going snorkeling, I couldn't wait! I threw on a swim suit, grabbed my camera, and raced down to the beach.

After a short boat ride, we stopped at a secluded area just for snorkeling. The water was clear, and you could see coral and brightly colored fish darting in and out.

It took a minute to get used to the flippers and snorkel gear, but soon I was paddling around, exploring the underwater world. There were so many different creatures-from fish in every color of the rainbow to giant electric blue starfish and spiky coral.

I'd brought along a disposable waterproof camera for the day, but the pictures were atrocious and not worth sharing. Too bad.

After snorkeling for a while, I managed to swim into a school of tiny, transparent jellyfish...with stingers. I swam away in time to see that my Kiwi cousin had suffered a similar fate, and we returned to the boat to wait on the others to return.

The sun was starting to set, so we decided to head back to land.

When we got back to shore, my cousin was swarmed by local women and children trying to sell souvenirs. Since I'm a terrible haggler, I hung back with my other cousin (who deflected any attempts to sell him things by answering questions in Maori).

We arrived back in time for fruit juice and the sunset. Excellent day.

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