Friday, March 13, 2015

A Villa in Bali

Our trip to Bali was led by my grandmother's friend, D. She has been to Bali more times than she can count, so she's got the inside scoop and a host of local friends. One afternoon, we drove over to see her friends, a French couple who sail around the world and live part of the year in Bali (I know, I'm jealous too).

They had an incredible villa outside the hustle and bustle of Kuta, and we were invited to come visit for the day.

Since there weren't enough chairs, the adults ate at the table, and my cousins and I (the "kids", at 25, 27, and 29) were left to swim in the pool and eat our nasi goreng over there.

I'd say we got the better end of the deal, especially when our host whipped out the ice cream!

After swimming and lunch, we headed over to visit some of the other villas the French couple were building.

Then it was back for more sun naps, guitar, and a Bintang, the local beer.

Can't beat Bali.

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