Monday, March 16, 2015

A Temple along the Way

After a few days adjusting to the time change and getting our bearings, we left the coast for the mountains. As we were driving, our driver suddenly stopped in a small town. "They're preparing for a festival, would you like to see it?" We all agreed, and headed for the nearby temple.

People always talk about how friendly Balinese people are, but they're really not kidding. We shyly entered the temple and watched as the women strung flower garlands and the men decorated statues, and soon they were motioning us over, asking us questions through our driver and smiling as he relayed our answers. I asked to take some pictures and they proudly beckoned toward their handiwork.

One elderly man came up to me and handed me a small string of flowers. "A beautiful thing, for a beautiful girl" he said with a smile, before disappearing back behind the walls. I wore it the rest of the day.

I was so impressed by all the beautiful things they created, knowing they would have to replace them in a day or so when everything wilted. The interesting thing is, they are constantly decorating the statues for the various celebrations that take place in the temple. I was glad we got to enjoy their hard work and see all they have to do to create it.

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