Friday, February 6, 2015

Hong Kong Layover

In June, my dad and I took a trip to Bali, Indonesia. We started our trip in Atlanta, flew to Dallas, and then took a 16 hour flight to Hong Kong, flying over Alaska, Russia, and China before finally landing in Hong Kong for an overnight layover.

By the time we arrived, we were exhausted. I wasn't even sure what day it was, and my jetlagged body begged for sleep. But once we entered the airport, a sense of adventure took over. It was an assault on the senses-Cantonese and Mandarin being spoken around us, sleek bullet trains whisking us over to the immigration desks, landing papers written in Chinese characters...I have traveled a lot, but nothing could prepare me for how exotic the East felt in those first moments.

My dad spent last summer in China teaching English, so he immediately took charge and put his basic Chinese to good use. It was all a blur as we got our tourist visas, took the train to Hong Kong, and found our hotel, complete with this great view from our room.

Hong Kong at night is vibrant and pulses with energy.
Hong Kong in June means humidity like you can't imagine. The smog coupled with the summer heat rivals any summer misery in south Georgia. But despite all that, I couldn't wait to explore as much as possible.

After checking in, our first order of business was finding dinner. I let my dad do the ordering and struggled my way using through chopsticks (I'm pretty sure I was highly amusing to neighboring diners). Chopsticks aside, dinner was delicious.

Full of delicious Chinese food, we did some wandering through Hong Kong streets before jet lag sent us scurrying to our beds.

The next morning, we repacked our bags, snapped some pictures and headed for the airport to catch out flight to BALI!!

Let's go to Indonesia!

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