Monday, February 2, 2015

Deployment Murphy's Law, or the time our neighbors shot a gun at us

In military spouse circles, you always hear about "Deployment Murphy's Law", the idea that as soon as he leaves, all hell breaks loose. I always kinda rolled my eyes at this...I'm not an overly superstitious person, and I chose to be positive and hope for the best.

Let me just say, Deployment Murphy's Law TOTALLY EXISTS. The week before and after Fionn's departure have been a hot mess of crazy. Let me explain...

A few days before Fionn left, we were quietly enjoying a night in when all of a sudden we heard a clattering sound and we were both sprayed with pieces of drywall. We weren't sure what it was-an exploded light fixture? An escaped possum in our apartment? UFO invasion??

Fionn got to the bottom of it when he noticed the hole in our wall and then discovered the BULLET lying in our kitchen.

Yes, folks, someone shot a gun into our apartment.

I panicked, but Fionn was a cool cucumber. He calmly ushered me into our bedroom closet for safekeeping, grabbed a flashlight, and headed out to investigate. He soon figured out our idiot neighbors had been cleaning a loaded gun (who does that?!?) and had shot the gun through their kitchen bar area, then through their window, where it hit our wall and entered our house.

Here's where things get crazy...Fionn was sitting on the floor directly in front on that wall, sorting papers. When the bullet entered the apartment, it struck a can of shoe polish, ricocheted onto the ceiling (taking a metal shoe horn with it), and clattered harmlessly into the kitchen.

It was honestly a miracle Fionn wasn't struck. Praise God that the shoe polish can was sitting where it was! After the adrenaline wore off and it really sunk in how bad the situation could've been, we were both in shock.

Of course after the excitement we had to deal with the police, repairmen, and apartment complex, which was just about as fun as it sounds. Fast forward to the day of Fionn's departure. As we say goodbye, he notices that one of my tires is flat. Normally that wouldn't be a big deal, but it was 4 am, cold and raining, and I was trying not to totally lose it as I told him goodbye. So I sent him off, parked myself in the mechanic's parking lot, and waited for the sun to rise, trying not to listen to the planes take off.

Tire gets fixed, and I come home to a ginormous spider in the bathroom with only me around to kill it. Seriously inconsiderate, Mr. Spider.

So y'all, Deployment Murphy's Law is real. I'm a believer. Fingers crossed for a boring week ahead! I can't take any more excitement.


  1. Oh my goodness! How incredibly scary and dangerous! I hope that person got in max trouble for being an idiot.

  2. Oh my god! I can't believe that. Thank goodness it missed Fionn. Hopefully that's all the excitement for now!