Friday, January 16, 2015

Weekend in Santa Fe

We arrived in West Texas during a freak 3 day torrential rainstorm that brought flooding and mayhem. In between the downpours we drove all over town looking for a place to live (and dodged desert motorists who don't know how to drive in the rain). We found a place quickly, but found out it would take almost a week for our stuff to be delivered. After the second night of waking up with a sore back from our air mattress, Fionn declared, "Let's spend the weekend in Santa Fe."

So off we went, leaving our empty apartment behind and heading north for New Mexico.

I'll be honest. West Texas is kinda ugly. But you drive over the border into New Mexico, the "Land of Enchantment", and it's gorgeous. We took back roads to Santa Fe and marveled the whole time. Then we got to Santa Fe and marveled some more.

Founded in the 1600s by the Spanish and the oldest capital in the US, Santa Fe has lots of history. The city mandates that buildings have a Spanish Pueblo Revival look, which gives the city a lot of charm and makes it more interesting than your average American city center. When we ventured into the newer part of town, it was cool to see that even the Best Buy and Target had gotten a Pueblo makeover. 

Downtown, you've got a lot of air museums and some cool shopping and restaurants. It's a little pricey, probably because Santa Fe is popular with retirees looking to escape the snow. 

We stopped in a few thrift stores looking for some Texas-approved wardrobe staples. I got lucky with some vintage cowboy boots! Fionn tried on a few but finally decided the cowboy look just isn't his scene. You can take the boy out of the city...

One thing I love about New Mexico is that the people are always so friendly. Everywhere you go, people are striking up conversations, asking where you're from, telling you about their state. This wasn't just the shopkeepers, it was also the gas station clerks and diner waitresses. New Mexico is one of those states that doesn't get a lot of attention, but it's really a hidden gem.

Up next...Chimayo, NM!

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  1. I've been through New Mexico on road trips and it really IS stunning! It's a pity that parts of Texas aren't that pretty, (the eternal drought doesn't help!) but fortunately there are some really gorgeous places. New Mexico can't have all the glory. ;) They have the mountains, we have the plains. And canyons.
    Really enjoyed this post! And the Western look compliments everyone. :D Awesome deal on the boots!