Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Road trip to Texas: San Antonio

The second leg of our great road trip to Texas was from New Orleans to San Antonio. Normally this would be an 8 hour drive, but due to a crazy Texas thunderstorm, an insane amount of traffic jams and one texting-while-driving-jerk who rear ended my car, it took more like 12 hours.

(Don't worry, my car and I both escaped unscathed. DON'T TEXT AND DRIVE.)

I'd never been to Texas before this roadtrip, so I went to bed that night with a terrible first impression of the state we would soon call home.

Luckily, that all changed the next morning! We had a breakfast of Texas shaped waffles (I would soon learn that Texans love Texas-shaped everything) and set off for San Antonio!

The lovely blogger Sara of C'est Moi, Sara Louise had given me the insider scoop on all things San Antonio and Hillcountry, and as soon as we got downtown I started kicking myself for not planning more time. There is so much cool stuff to see!

First off...they have a super cool Riverwalk area to walk around in. Totally not what I expected in the middle of a city center.

Just around the corner we found the Alamo, which is smaller than you'd expect, just like everyone says. We asked a passerby to take our picture in front of it and he smiled and said, "So where y'all from? I know you ain't from Texas!"

We replied that I was from Georgia and Fionn from California but that Texas was our new home. 

"Well, you finally made it to the best state!" came the reply.

Yep, Texas is totally the Bavaria of America! :)

After wandering around the Alamo and indulging our inner history nerds, we did some more walking around the city.

We had to drive to Austin that afternoon, so we followed a friend's suggestion and went to the Mercado for some great Tex-Mex and shopping. It was really fun and colorful and I'm sure it's really fun on a fiesta weekend.

We stopped for lunch at Mi Tierra Cafe and Bakery. The food was good, but the BAKERY! Oh my gosh. We bought $15 worth of pastries and sweets for the road and every one was better than the last.

After lunch we did some browsing in the shops and bought a few souvenirs. All too soon it was time to head to Austin, but my impression of Texas was already much improved.

Next up, Austin!

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