Monday, January 19, 2015

Chimayo, NM

Have I mentioned how beautiful New Mexico is? Because seriously. This is one dramatically beautiful state. 

On our last day in Santa Fe we drove about an hour north to Chimayo, the site of a little Catholic mission church. The dirt inside the church is said to have healing powers, so people make pilgrimages there.

The church was ok, but the best part was the amazing scenery on the drive there. Wowza.

The church grounds are quite pretty and have a lot of different statues and mosaics from different cultures, from Mexican inspired folkart to Native American designs and even a Vietnamese statue.

The church itself is really small. It's said that the Tewa Indians used a hot spring nearby for its healing powers, and when the Spanish came and built a church, the same healing powers were found in the dirt inside the church. It was crowded by pilgrims when we visited, so I'll never know for sure!

On the drive back to Santa Fe, Fionn stopped the car and took a few shots of the landscape while I looked out over the hills. As a proud southern girl, I never gave much thought to the lands beyond my own Georgian backyard. But I have to say, after my first taste of New Mexico and the Southwest, there are some incredible places out there. Can't wait to see more!


  1. Wow! Love the photos! Especially the mosaics. Just gorgeous! Perhaps someday I'll be able to take a special trip to linger in New Mexico--I've only been able to pass through it during a road trip so far. Always gorgeous. The southwest IS stunning. I totally agree with that one. ;)

    1. It really is pretty, isn't it? I hope you get to see more of NM, it is such a varied state!

  2. Love those photos!