Thursday, January 15, 2015

Austin, Texas

Fionn and I love cities with good food and culture, so people are always telling us, "You'd love Austin!" And they were right, we did like Austin!

We only had one day in Texas' capital before we had to hit the road for the final leg of our move to West Texas, so we tried to make the most of our time in "civilization" before we entered the desert wilderness. It just so happened that Fionn's best friends from college had all recently moved to the Austin area, so we spent a lot more time with them than sightseeing. Oh well, it's a good excuse to come back!

I'm a big history nerd, so I really enjoyed the history of Texas museum. I'll be honest-I've been to 32 countries but the farthest west I'd ever been in my own country was New Orleans, so a lot of the exhibits of pioneers and frontiersmen resonated with me as we made our own trek across Texas.

I'm not sure what I expected Austin to be like, but it still surprised me. Maybe I thought there'd be more cowboys and horses? But it's a pretty normal state capital, except with a lot more stars on everything.

After a great evening out with Fionn's friends and so much good food (so good I didn't even bother to photograph it), the next morning we hit the road for our new home in West Texas. Everyone told me that once you start that drive it's pretty much nothing for hours. They weren't kidding! It was literally 8 1/2 hours of rocks and tumbleweeds-in some areas we didn't even have radio stations. I watched the hills become flat, then turn into rocky mesas, then turn into desert barrenness. Driving across Texas reminded me how enormous and diverse America is.

We stopped every two hours or so to stretch our legs, eat some snacks, and talk to each other. Since we were each driving our own car, it was a long and kinda lonely day. I looked forward to our roadside breaks in the middle of nowhere. Plus the empty roads made for some good photo ops.

Finally, 10 hours after we started, we made it to our new home, right on the border with Mexico. A long way from Georgia, a new adventure, and lots of work to be done to make it home.

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