Friday, December 12, 2014

The Roadtrip to Texas: New Orleans

Moving from Georgia to West Texas is a 1500 mile trip, and takes around 22 hours to complete. We decided to make the trip fun by turning it into an epic Road Trip with plans to stop in New Orleans, San Antonio, and Austin. 

First stop, New Orleans, Louisiana!

I visited NOLA once before in college, but it's always held a special place in my heart since a really good friend of mine I met on my German study abroad is from there. Plus it's got beauty, good food, and history, which is all I really need to fall for a city.

We arrived at night, tired and stiff was our drive across 4 states. After checking into our B&B, we headed down to Bourbon Street to sample Chargrilled Oysters at Acme Oyster House.

I'm not usually an oyster fan, but these definitely changed my opinion. SO GOOD. Acme is pretty touristy, but they do oysters right. The rest of our meal was nothing to write home about, so if I go back I'd just get the oysters and skip everything else.

After our dinner, we did an obligatory walk down Bourbon Street. Even on a Monday night it was rockin'! It was interesting to see it, but Bourbon Street isn't really my scene...I don't really like seedy strip clubs and people throwing up and bros picking fights with each other.

The next morning we took advantage of a French Market Early Bird Parking special (in by 10 and out by 7 for $10) and headed down to see all NOLA had to offer.

As a port city, New Orleans is a cool mix of cultures. Though it may look similar to places like Savannah or Charleston, it's a lot different-the accents, the food, the history...I always find something else to like when I'm in New Orleans.

French cultural influence can be found everywhere, from the food to the street names and even the churches, like the St. Louis Cathedral, named for the King of France.

For all my fellow history lovers out there, you'll notice the giant statue of Andrew Jackson, who won the Battle of New Orleans during the War of 1812, catapulting him to National Hero status during his day.

(It didn't seem to matter that the war was already over by the time he won the battle...minor detail)

The inside of the cathedral is stunning! Definitely not something we're used to seeing on this side of the pond.

More New Orleans to come!

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  1. My husband is from New Orleans and even in college Bourbon Street wasn't his scene. It's pretty much the place we never visit when we are down there!