Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Study Abroad Reunion in Washington D.C.

A few weeks before our move to Texas, my German study abroad friends started planning a reunion in D.C. The stars aligned and before I knew it, all of my best friends from Marburg were all chiming in that they would be attending the reunion.

Fionn noticed me wallowing in self pity on the couch and asked what was wrong. When I replied that my Marburg friends were planning a reunion for the same weekend the movers were arriving to pack our stuff and that round trip flights from Atlanta to DC were cruelly cheap right now, he said the words that make him worthy of Husband of the Year 2014:

"Buy the tickets. I can handle the movers by myself. Go see your friends!!"

So that's how I found myself throwing clothes in a backpack and dodging moving boxes and burly moving men while calling as I ran out the door, "I love you! See you Sunday!"

Did I mention we were leaving for Texas Monday morning?

I love my Fionn. He's a sweetheart with just the right amount of crazy.

It was a perfect weekend. The kind of weekend that makes you realize how thankful you are to have friends like this, the kind of weekend where everyone is out of breath from laughing so hard and squealing with excitement and joy at the sight of a friend you haven't seen in years. It was a weekend filled with catching up, laughing about old times, talking about how much had changed and then exclaiming, "You're exactly the same!"

I love these crazy kids. 

Besides just catching up with old friends, the trip to DC really strengthened me for our impending move to Texas. As upset as I was about the move, being around good friends and having such a great weekend gave me the strength to tackle Monday morning. 

After my whirlwind perfect weekend, I returned home to my awesome husband (who had cleaned the whole apartment, military white glove style) and got ready to go west.

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