Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Another adventure begun...

Today I'm coming to you live from our new home in West Texas!

If you've been following my Instagram, you probably knew that already. The last month has been action packed-from packing up our apartment in Georgia to driving two cars 1600 miles from Georgia to Texas, then finding a place to live in Texas while dealing with a once-in-250-years flood situation and finally unpacking all the boxes and hanging that final picture-phew! Does reading all that make you feel as tired as I do?!

This is my first week of my new normal. I finally have free time again, so I can finally get back to the blog. I've missed it, especially since I have so much to say about the move and my first impressions of Texas.

Well, West Texas, that is.

I have tons to say about my new home in the desert, but for now let me just declare-moving to Texas was a bigger culture shock than anything I experienced in my 5 years abroad. Crazy, right?

I missed y'all. Can't wait to get back to bloggin'.

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  1. cant wait to hear what you think about my home state :)