Monday, June 23, 2014

The Apartment is finally done!

Four months after moving in, the apartment finally feels like it's done. I'm so proud of all the thrifting, DIYing, and improvising we've done to go from sitting on the floor with no furniture to a cozy home we love to come back to.

So if you've been following since the first apartment tour and my many DIY projects (and projects) here you can see what I've been working toward!

Living Room

This space was a little weird because it was so open. We weren't sure how to create a living room out of a space that sorta felt like a walkway between kitchen and dining room.

A friend of my grandparents very kindly gave us these beautiful vintage chairs when he heard we were starting out without any furniture. When my parents came to visit, the chairs were pulled into the living room and the arrangement felt perfect. Natural, comfortable, and just what we needed.

When we first moved in, we put our TV on a cardboard box and used our boxes of books as a side table. Eventually I found the TV stand and bookcase for cheap by scouring thrift stores and unfinished wood stores. The bookcase especially was pretty beat up, but nothing a little sandpaper and a fresh coat of paint couldn't fix! I love how the red pops against the beige wall.

Dining Room

We bought our table in Bavaria, and it was just too big for the tiny space they originally had as the "dining room". So, we turned out sunroom area into a dining room. I love the natural light in there.

Since chairs aren't cheap, we're slowly buying more every month and I stain them myself. It's a lot of work, but I really love being able to control the colors. Only 5 more to go...

Living Room/Entry Hall

This was my hardest project...deciding which pictures to put up for our travel wall! It was hard to pick just 7, but the good thing is, there is plenty of space for more...

Clockwise from the top we have: Sahara Desert in Morocco, Peasant Museum in Romania, Petra in Jordan (a Fionn solo trip), ruins in Athens, Greece, street art in Lisbon, Portugal, bikes in Amsterdam, and the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin in the center.

If you want to see more of our travel adventures you can check them out here.

Down the hall we have a watercolor my brother did and very kindly gave to us...

and of course the china cabinet and chest I found for a steal in a tiny antique store outside Nurnberg.

Kitchen looks more or less the same, besides the addition of a chalkboard (which I love!)

Spare Bedroom

This room is a bit of everything-my musical instruments live there along with my craft supplies and all manner of odds and ends. It's not perfect, but it'll do just fine with an inflatable mattress should anyone come to visit.

Master Bedroom

If you ask me, this room has seen the biggest transformation. It's cozy and peaceful and just perfect.

So, that's that! Our house finally came together. Aaaaaaaand of course that means we have to move in a few months. Murphy's Law, y'all.


  1. Love the travel wall! I am having the hardest time deciding which photos to add to mine. So nice to finally feel settled into a new home with a cozy feel to it!

    1. You could always do multiple travel walls! No need to decide then ;)

  2. I love the China cabinet and the red bookshelf in particular. It's important to make the place feel like home. It's such a shame you have to make another move, but hopefully you can take lots of this stuff with you.

    1. Thank you! My husband thought I was crazy for repainting a bookshelf red but in the end he came around. I think he was partly worried I'd spill it on the carpet haha

  3. I envy your energy (and your blue chairs)! I regret deciding not to decorate since I thought we wouldn't stay too long, but now I think we should have just fixed the place up the minute we moved in. Things would have been so much cozier =)

    1. I'm glad we decided to decorate even though we're short timing. It gave me something to do in a boring town and made the house feel home-y :)