Monday, June 2, 2014

Bay Street in Savannah, GA

Truth be told, as a Savannahian, I'm not a huge fan of Bay Street. It's full of hotels and touristy restaurants and well, tourists. It's a sea of fanny packs and maps and those weird hats that tourists feel compelled to wear (why??). It doesn't feel like "real Savannah".

During our last trip to Savannah, Fionn and I got up really early and headed downtown for breakfast. We were so early that most of the stores were still closed. The heat was still bearable and there weren't many people out, so we took a walk around.

And I fell back in love with Bay Street.

I love being near the river because there is so much history. You're basically standing in the oldest part of the city. I like to imagine all the characters that came through this port-merchants, local dignitaries, even pirates...who was on this bridge before me?

Just as you're slipping into the past, you turn around and bam-you're reminded of 2014. That's why I love Savannah. History lives right alongside the present. How much has this lion seen over the years?

Don't worry, more lovely Savannah to come :)


  1. It looks absolutely beautiful! I find cities are often at their best early in the morning, when one can forget which century one lives in.

  2. Beautiful! Savannah is on my list to visit in the south (along with places like Charleston and New Orleans and others). It reminds me a lot of upstate New York and haha don't get me started about the tourists in my hometown! It's crazy!


  3. I seriously NEED to visit Savannah! It is so wonderfully dreamy looking :)