Sunday, May 18, 2014

Moms are Awesome

Last weekend my parents came to visit and we got to celebrate Mother's Day together. We showed them around, played with the pups, and had a great Mother's Day brunch. I made Smitten Kitchen's blueberry muffins, we laughed a lot, and the weekend ended way too soon.

he spent all weekend kicking this blanket off the couch...

I was reminded again how nice it is to be back stateside. I don't know where our next temporary home will be, but I'm loving that for the moment, they're just a car ride away.

It's funny having your parents over when you have a house of your own. You start to notice all the little quirks you picked up from them-like how my mom knew where my dishes went because it's the same place she puts her dishes. It was cool seeing these family traditions reflected into my own little family, from having my dad make his famous sunnyside eggs to a big pot of Barry's tea to pass around at breakfast. It felt normal, natural, homey.

I was so happy I got to spend this Mother's day with my own awesome mom. Missing out on all those holidays was a big downside to being in Germany. I love my mom and she's an awesome, inspiring lady, and it just felt right to spend this day making her muffins and making each other laugh. 

Of course, the pups made sure she felt their love too...after they got a piece of bacon :)

Moms are awesome. 

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  1. It is strange having parents in ones own home, but so,so special! Awesome that you'll have many many holidays to spend there now :)