Friday, April 11, 2014

My Brother's First Art Gallery Showcase!

The artist himself!

My brother is a great guy. He's the funniest and kindest person I know and a talented artist who's about to graduate with an art degree. Last weekend I had the opportunity to see his work being showcased in a gallery! He put so much work into his senior show and I was so proud of how much he accomplished.

I'd seen most of his work, but he still managed to surprise me! Recognize this face?

Figured it out? My brother saw this Instagram I posted while we were visiting Norway last year and recreated it in watercolor!

My brother is great at a lot of things, but he's especially good at watercolor. He calls it "the thinking man's art". It's so cool watching him in action, creating amazing art from just a few dabs of color.

The cat pictures above were inspired by a silly postcard I sent my brother years ago when I was visiting Stuttgart. We always had an inside joke about cats, so it seemed like the perfect thing to send. Nice to see it immortalized in paint!

Watching my brother all dressed up and mature, speaking to the audience made me feel so proud. He's grown up into such an amazing, talented young man. I was so happy I was able to be in town for his big night!

Such a great weekend! 


  1. His water colours are beautiful! Seems you've provided quite some inspiration!

    1. He's usually a pen and ink kind of guy, but in the past year be really got into watercolor. It's cool because you really have to think, since the watercolors will bleed and destroy everything if you're not deliberate. It's amazing to see what he can whip up in a few hours. He just saw my Instagram one day and had the painting done a few hours later. He's awesome :)

  2. Shan, I thought the watercolor painting was your mom before I saw the Norway picture!!!!!!