Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Apartment Tour

A lot of you have been asking for a tour, so here goes! There's still some work to be done, boxes to unpack, furniture to buy, and pictures to put up, but I'll update as we get all that done. For now, this is the result of a weekend of hardcore unpacking, organizing and furniture moving. 

Master Bedroom

I love the light in this room! It makes it such a pleasant place to be. We're still on the look out for bedside tables, lamps, a new bedspread and maybe a dresser. But for now, having a place to sleep is pretty awesome ;)

CLOSETS!! I'm sure every expat in Germany can feel me on this one. So big! So spacious! So awesome! The best part? We have FIVE more in the apartment. Holy cow.

Fionn and I are loving how easy it is to find these plastic drawers. In German it was like finding the holy grail if you could find just one at our tiny PX or an affordable one on the German economy. America-the land of options.

Here's a peek at our master bathroom. Not too much to say about it except that I love this little organizer Fionn found for me at a thrift store for $7. Can't beat it. Oh, and how cute is this shower curtain?! Jumping on the ombre bandwagon...

Living Room/Dining Room

As you walk into the apartment you come into the dining room. Well, it was a dining room until we realized our giant Bavarian table didn't fit there. So now it's a china hutch-antique chest-don't hit your head on the low hanging lamp room.

We're planning on doing a photo collage above the chest, incorporating some of our cool antique sketches and prints we collected in Europe. I sense a lot of framing in my future...

The apartment has a really open floorplan, so if you turn you find yourself right in the living room. It extends into a sunroom that we made into a dining room. Or at least, it will be a dining room when I finish staining the chairs :)

Planned projects for this room: a travel photo collage above the couch, a TV table, bookcase, and second end table to replace our interim theme of boite de cardboard chic, and maybe a curio to display our travel souvenirs.

I love this couch. I love it even more since it was 50% off :)

A touch of Berlin!

Here's a view from the opposite side. Note the cluster of frames waiting for a home on the wall.

Here we have the dining room! I'm excited to get the chairs done and maybe add a few curtains. We'll see how it goes. The light in here is great though, I have the feeling this will be my new blogging area.


Next we've got the kitchen. It's huge! There is so much space-space to move, space on countertops, space in cabinets...

Literally so many cabinets I don't have enough things to put in them. SUCH a change from my shoebox German kitchen.

We worked so hard this weekend getting things put up and settled. It looked like this on Thursday!

Hot mess!!

Crazy, right?!

Down the hall we have a guest bedroom and office, along with a second bathroom, but since they're a work in progress I'll save them for another day. 

What do you think? I may not love our new town (yet) but I love our new apartment. It's not Germany, but it feels like home :)


  1. It looks so great and sunny! And your pretty bowls and the antique furniture make it looks home-y already :)

    1. I felt so much more at home once I had my dishes back! Is that weird?

  2. Oh wow, American kitchens really are the best. And closets! Lovely apartment.

  3. So spacious! Looks like you guys have a great start! I adore those bowls in the cupboard! :)

    1. Thanks! If you ever go to Poland to go pottery shopping I can tell you where I got them. They were a steal! :)

  4. I am so wonderfully overwhelmed with my new found closet space and cabinets! So much room! :)

    1. Seriously! Why haven't Europeans jumped on board with this?

  5. It's just Germany, honestly... We had plenty of storage both in Denmark and in London! :D Good luck with everything, the new apartment is gorgeous! :)

  6. so cute! people say I'm crazy when I tell them that sometimes I miss apartment living. It's so cute and cozy and I seriously dig the windows! (I'm a big window person! lol)

  7. Wow! The apartment looks great. Was unpacking and setting up difficult? Because it seems like a really spacious apartment. That blue vintage chest looks great. I think sketches and prints will definitely look great above it. I love how your apartment screams bohemian, Shannon. You have great taste in design. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing that! :)

    Susan Scott @ Newington Lake House

  8. Looks like you settled on your new home quite well, Shannon. That antique chest looks amazing, and it fits perfectly well in your dining room. Where did you find that treasure? Anyway, I'd love to see how your apartment looks now, so don't forget to give us another tour. Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you! :)

    Jeffery Ramsey @ Inner City YYC

    1. Thanks! The chest was an antique super find while we lived in Germany. It's from the 1830s and the guy wanted 100 euro for it. We snatched it right up :)