Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Day at the Berliner Dom

In January we got a 4 day weekend. Since it was our last 4 day during our time in Europe, we wondered how we should spend it. Somewhere exotic? Somewhere warm? Somewhere crazy?

And finally we just looked at each other and just knew. Let's go to Berlin.

We had a fabulous weekend in Berlin, full of things I always meant to do but never actually did.

Top of the list? The Berliner Dom!

It was chilly, but we bundled up and headed over to the Berliner Dom to check it off our list.

Fun fact: Fionn and I were supposed to meet on the bridge by the Berliner Dom on our second date so we could go to a museum together. I missed my train and was an hour late and Fionn was pretty sure I'd stood him up...

but he waited anyway. ;) And we had a great time at the museum!

You have to pay to get in, but the inside is really gorgeous. We spent a long time looking up at all the decorations and snapping pictures in all of the awesome light.

Once we finished exploring the Dom and the catacombs underneath, we took a stroll through the Lustgarden before continuing to the War Memorial commemorating all the victims of Nazism and war.

What's your favorite Berlin landmark?


  1. Looks like a fun day- I really need to get to Berlin sometime.
    And you have a cute 2nd date story. =)

  2. Oh man, I adore Berlin! I went in the winter too and though it was cold it was entirely worth it :)