Thursday, February 6, 2014

Budva, Montenegro

Montenegro is one of those places I never in a million years thought I would actually go to. What was even more surprising was how much it blew me away. I mean, everywhere you go you find breathtaking beaches, cliffs, mountains,'s got a little bit of everything.

Plus you get to say, "I've been to Montenegro" and everyone kind of side eyes you like you're James Bond or something.

Or maybe I imagined that. Whatevs.

After Kotor, our next stop was Budva. Our tour guide sort of turned us loose to go and explore. Since that is how Fionn and I like to travel, that suited us just fine. The city itself doesn't have many historic or touristic sights, but it's still fun to walk around, especially on the walls surrounding the old town.

From the walls you can get a gorgeous vantage point over the bay. Beautiful, right?

With a bit of free time left, we sat on the makeshift beach to people watch. The "beach" isn't really that nice. Fionn said it reminded him of similar beaches he'd seen in Ukraine, with all the trash and rocks. Not exactly a glamorous beach holiday, but we enjoyed soaking up some Vitamin D in December.

After reuniting with our group we took a quick ferry across the Bay of Kotor and returned to the Croatian side (along with a few new passport stamps, yay!)

Ready for more Croatian adventures? Tomorrow, friends!

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