Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Before Baby Travel Bucket List

Fionn and I have been joking about our "Baby Bucket List", as in all the weird places we want to travel to before kids come along. We probably won't get to all these places, but if you're going to dream, why not dream big, right? These aren't in any particular order, I just think all of them sound exciting!

10. Petra, Jordan

Fionn has already been here (maybe one day I'll post his stunning pictures from that trip) but I'm eager to get my chance to see Petra. Isn't this stunning?

9. Israel

Fionn has also been here already, but I'd love to see the Biblical sights. Jerusalem seems like a fascinating place.

8. Egypt

Once this part of the world calms down a little, I'd love to see the pyramids. As a huge history buff, visiting Egypt would be a dream come true!

7. St. Petersburg

Once again, this is on Fionn's been there, done that list. But I'd love to see Russia, especially this pretty city. And preferably in one of the warmer months...

6. India

We wanted to go here for Christmas, but visas and government shutdown delays spoiled that plan. But one day I would love to see this incredible country. 

5. Japan

Japan seems like an incredible place with so much interesting culture and history. It's supposed to be extremely expensive, so maybe this will be a short trip...

4. New Zealand

Fionn has been here too (surprise surprise!) but said he would absolutely go back. Stunning nature, friendly people, and Lord of the Rings? I'm in.

3. Thailand

We wanted to go here after our India plans fell through, but riots in Bangkok also put those plans on hold. I'm still interested in going and seeing some gorgeous beaches and temples. Maybe next year?

2. Indonesia

I would love to see this beautiful country of contrasts. 

1. Costa Rica

Something a little closer to home! I've heard amazing things about Costa Rica and would love to visit one day. What's not to love about rainforests? 


  1. I have a similar list but I doubt we'll make it to all of them!

  2. wow, that's quite a list! I definitely want to visit St Petersburg too! Fortunately, some of these places seem kid-friendly enough if you run out of time ;) :)

  3. I want to see Egypt and the pyramids too, maybe someday!

  4. Replies
    1. Everyone always raves about it, so I'd love to go. Anything you suggest? :)

  5. This is an amazing list. The only place I've visited is St. Petersburg and I can thoroughly recommend it. The others....I'd love to do myself one day. I hope you get the chance to tick some of this off sometime soon.

    1. Me too! There is so much left to see..if Fionn doesn't see it all himself first! ;)

  6. I love that you call it your before baby bucket list! My husband and I have something similar as well. We recently moved to London from Chicago to check off our bucket list before we settle down to have babies!

    1. Wow, that's certainly a big one off the bucket list! How long will you be in London? You're so lucky that there are so many cheap flight opportunities from London...the world is your oyster! :)

  7. St.Petersburg has always been on my list but ever since I read, The Bronze Horseman, it shot to the top. Plus there is a train from Nice to St.Petersburg with an old school dining car and everything. How cool would that be???

    1. That sounds so cool! I knew a guy who did the Trans Siberian railroad from China to Moscow...dunno if I'm up for that kind of intensity haha