Monday, January 27, 2014

Christmas in Amsterdam

A bit belated, but here it is anyway. Our Christmas in Amsterdam with Fionn's parents!

For Christmas Eve, we had an incredible 4 course dinner in Amsterdam. Fionn's mom found one of the few places that still had tables available and boy did she pick well! YUM.

Then it was Christmas morning!! What does that mean? Uhm, presents of course. So we met up before breakfast to exchange some gifts.

Everyone loved their presents. Fionn found some me some cute ornaments for my Christmas tree and Fionn's parents got me a beautiful Dutch bracelet. It's so pretty!

After presents and breakfast, we donned our coats and headed to an English speaking church. The church has been around since the 1600s! It was cool getting to celebrate Christmas in a place like that.

Merry Christmas 2013!

After church we stopped for lunch and then headed to the Rijksmuseum, which was surprisingly open. It was kind of neat getting to spend Christmas with Van Gogh, Vermeer, Rembrandt, and all the other great Dutch artists!

The Rijksmuseum is HUGE. It goes on for ever! Luckily we had all day to spend there :)

After the museum we attempted to attend an organ concert, but they closed the doors at exactly 3pm, so when we arrived 3 minutes late we couldn't get in. Sad! That night we had one last dinner before Fionn's parents returned to the States and Fionn and I began on journey through Croatia...

Belated Merry Christmas, blogland ;)


  1. What a fun way to spend Christmas. It's brilliant that the museum was open and full of people! :)

  2. How lucky for you that the Rijksmuseum was open on Christmas Day! I immediately recognized you with The Night Watch. It's been years since I have been there, but they have an excellent collection!