Tuesday, December 17, 2013

We're off on an adventure!

Can you tell we've just seen the Hobbit? ;)

This week Fionn and I are headed off to Amsterdam to meet his parents. We'll spend a few days in the Netherlands and then continue on to Copenhagen. I'm excited about some northern European fun, good cheese, and spending time with family.

getting into the Christmas spirit...

After that? Well as of about an hour ago, Fionn and I finally decided on the second leg of our trip...Croatia! Yeah, talk about last minute...can I just say planning trips around Christmas/New Years is dang near impossible?! Anywho, things might be a little slow around these parts, but rest assured I'll be back soon enough to recap all our winter fun. 

Any suggestions for Amsterdam, Copenhagen, or Croatia/anything around Croatia? In case you haven't noticed we are seriously planning this day by day...so all suggestions are welcome :)


  1. A little slow around these parts? I think you guys might travel more than we do. How does your hubs get so much time off?

    1. His unit gets a lot of 4 days, plus block leave for Christmas, spring break and summer. So we just use every chance we get to go somewhere :) if we spend too long in Hfelz we get major cabin fever haha

    2. I have major cabin fever all the time. It's going to suck back in the states when i have a real job and they are like, "vacation what?"