Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Vikings, Puffins, and Fur Hats in Reykjavik

We're back from Iceland! From the moment our plane came in for a landing and we got a look around, we loved it. Iceland is so cool and exotic, but also so accessible. Most everyone speaks great English, the country is small enough that getting around is pretty easy, it's not crazy expensive, and you can see amazing landscapes and have once in a lifetime opportunities. We only wished we had an extra few days there. if we get the chance, we would DEFINITELY return to Iceland!

the Hallgrimskirkja

We based ourselves out of Reykjavik, Iceland's capital. We weren't sure what to expect, but we loved the city's small town feel. The downtown area had a great shopping street and Fionn and I found some really cool second hand stores.

One of the things I was dying to see was the Hallgrimskirkja, the coolest looking church I've ever seen (besides the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona!). In front of a church is a statue of Leif Ericson, the Norse explorer who sailed to Greenland.

For 5 euro a person you can take the elevator to the top and get a great view of Reykjavik. I love how colorful Reykjavik is!

Don't you just love the Norse looking patterns?

When Fionn and I visit cities, we like eating, shopping, and markets. Lucky for us, Reykjavik had plenty of everything! We loved walking around the city and getting a feel for it. They have some seriously cool architecture.

see the Viking ship on top of the building?

Iceland has a population of 300,000. It feels very safe and small town-y. One thing that really surprised me was how little security there was-the white house in the picture below is where the Prime Minister and cabinet members meet...you can just walk right up to it!

We also learned that Iceland doesn't have an army, only a coast guard. Some of their ships were in the harbor the day we explored Reykjavik.

Last but not least, we saw lots of puffin paraphernalia! The cute little birds were on everything. I wished we were here in the summer so we could've seen them! 

Ready for more Reykjavik? It's coming your way!

Have you ever thought of going to Iceland?


  1. Yay, I've been waiting for this post! Can't wait to see what else you saw. B and I decided on August to go to Iceland for our 2 year wedding anniversary!

    1. That is going to be SO fun! Stay as long as you can. It is an incredible place and a 4 day weekend was definitely not long enough!

  2. Iceland wasn't on my travel radar until just recently...your photos make me want to check it out even more! So much travel, so little time!! :)

    1. Yes do it! :) It is one of the coolest places we've ever been and they have direct flights to Germany every day. I totally know the feeling though-dang PCS timeline! Doesn't the military understand we have all this traveling to do first?

  3. Just gorgeous and it looks so calm and quaint. Definitely a must see!

  4. So beautiful! A friend of mine was just in Iceland and her photos got me thinking of visiting one day and now your beautiful photos are pushing me even more! So gorgeous!!

  5. That is one spectacular looking church! And I love the Norse patterns, it reminds me of the Lord of the Rings :)

  6. That church looks amazing - kinda Lord of the Rings-y. And you're right, the view from the top surprisingly colourful, so pretty!