Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Golden Circle: Gullfoss

If you're going to Iceland, everyone tells you to do the Golden Circle. Iceland is a stunning country with a lot of diverse landscapes, and with the Golden Circle you see a lot of the highlights. On Friday morning we started off super early to see all it had to offer. First stop? The amazing Gullfoss waterfall!

It was a little bit of a walk to get there, and the icy conditions made for beautiful scenery. I mentioned to Fionn that this is what I had in mind for Iceland, to which he replied, "Iceland? This is more like Hoth."

Points to all you Star Wars fans who got that reference... ;)

Then, we turned a corner and there it was. Gullfoss. It was so beautiful-such a reminder of the power and ferocity of nature. 

Behind us was a straight fall down to the cliffs. Yikes!

Next stop, Geysir!


  1. Holy moly! That is one fantastic sight! I can't imagine what it would've been like to actually be there!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I went to Iceland on a stopover from the US this February and unfortunately it was very windy and rainy when I went to see Gulfoss- nevertheless, very beautiful. I think I have to go back to Iceland some day to see the midnight sun, though :)

  3. Wow, these pictures are gorgeous! What an awesome experience! Iceland is on my wishlist - but being a wuss about the cold, I think I'd prefer a summer visit. ;)

    1. It was colder in Germany than it was in iceland! Might not be so bad ;) but I do think summer would be more fun since there's so much daylight!

  4. Wow, that is beautiful! When I see things like this it makes me think how tough people are to live and survive there!