Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Golden Circle: Geysir

Next stop on our Golden Circle tour was Geysir. As we walked into the park, it was eerie to see smoke rising from the ground. It felt otherwordly.

There are lots of geysers here, though the biggest one has been inactive for the past few years. The second largest one, Strokkur, erupts every 6-8 minutes.

Of course there are mini geysers all over the place too.

Finally, we found Strokkur. Everyone crowded around, waiting patiently with cameras in hand...

and then...Fwoosh! Off he goes!

It was fun walking around, exploring the park. You have to watch your step because there are pools of bubbling water and steam vents every few feet. Luckily they have it roped off so you don't wander into a geyser!

As we walked away Strokkur went off again (startling me out of a good picture!)

Then we climbed up to see the area near the (now inactive) giant geyser.

Snow started to fall, Strokkur erupted again, and our noses were getting cold, so we wandered back to the visitor's center for lunch. If you're there, get the lamb stew!

What a cool place. :)

Next stop, Fionn and I cross from one continental plate to another!

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  1. Wow... thank goodness for the ropes demarcating where you can walk, looks scary!