Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tasty tomatoes from an Icelandic greenhouse

When we visited Iceland, I was amazed by all the greenhouses. A volcanic island in the Arctic Circle is not where you expect to find greenhouses bursting at the seams with juicy organic tomatoes, cucumbers, and even bananas. But thanks to Iceland's geothermal energy, this is all possible. I really loved getting to visit a tomato farm while we were there!

While we were there we got to meet the owner, who runs the farm with her husband. It's very much a family business and the packaged tomatoes even have the family's picture on the back so buyers can know where their food is coming from.

We also got to try some homemade bread and tomato soup during our visit. Be still my heart!

I love how resourceful Iceland is. Isn't this cool?

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