Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Market in Rothenburg ob der Trauber

I love German Christmas markets, but sometimes I feel like the small ones are a little boring. A cluster of gluhwein stands, a sausage seller, and some old ladies selling socks and advents wreaths and that'd it. Pretty, but yawn. I much prefer the big ones like Nurnberg where you can find all sorts of ornaments and cool stuff. When I heard about Rothenburg ob der Trauber, a well preserved medieval city, I was very intrigued. It's not just a Christmas market, it's a Christmas city.

See for yourself! :)

Fionn and I stopped to sample a Schneeball, fried balled up pastry dough rolled in sugar or chocolate. It was good, but I'd save my appetite for yummier market foods...

Of course along the way we saw some interesting sights...

And got a great view of this medieval gem!

Gorgeous, right?? :) Just wait til it lights up at night!