Thursday, November 14, 2013

Polish Pottery Shopping in Poland (third time's the charm!)

Winter is coming. That means travel gets harder, driving is a pain, and I become a little hermit crab holed up in my nice warm house. But since the snow hasn't started yet, this past weekend I drove up to Poland with some girlfriends for a last minute Polish Pottery shopping adventure!

You might have remembered me talking about Polish pottery before (check out my first tripsecond trip, and tips for Polish pottery shopping). I'll just go ahead and say it-pottery is my kryptonite. I'm generally a pretty thrifty person, but put me somewhere with beautiful dishes (especially if they're cheap) and I will black out and come to with six bags of plates, mugs, and dishware. Which is sorta what happened this weekend.

This weekend was different because this time I drove up to Poland rather than taking a bus trip. This was SO much better because there are so many awesome little hole in the wall places where you can find incredible pieces. Not to mention, these were seasoned Polish pottery veterans who knew all the good spots... 

 One of the things I've learned after all my trips to Poland is that it pays to shop around. You'll start to notice there are a collection of patterns that you can find almost everywhere, and plenty of big stores stock these pieces. They're pretty, but if you want something unique you have to look a little harder. 

My three favorite places for truly unique pottery are Andy's, Styl, and Ada's (you can find her tiny studio  at Brzeznik 60, 59-700 Boleslawiec, tel. 75 644 51 78). Andy and Ada are both family run operations. Andy's is pretty large scale but still very unique (they cater to their American military clientele). Ada's is literally a tiny cabin off a dirt road, where you can watch her and her family create and paint the pottery. She didn't speak any English, but her pieces are absolutely stunning (especially the floral designs) and she was a very kind lady, despite the language barrier. Check her out!

Taking the car allowed us to see more of the city (the old city center is really cute!) and we were lucky to find a great (and very affordable) hotel just outside the city limits. There was even a nearby castle with crazy cheap spa prices. Maybe next time?!

Ah, and the food. Safe to say I ate my weight in perogies and got to try this thing above- a potato pancake filled with gulash and topped with sour cream. NOM.

the end result of our weekend

I was so happy with this trip! I bought so many awesome pieces and even shopped for friends who weren't able to go. Now it's time for the reveal!

the bowls on the upper left are from Ada's shop and the platters came from Andy's

Tomorrow let's talk about Polish pottery categories and what to look for when you're shopping!

You can see more pictures of my Polish pottery haul on my Instagram feed...


  1. I was upset that when i took the bus trip we went to a restaurant that didn't serve pierogies and potato pancakes that I grew up eating. I was like what the heck, was that just a Polish American thing, but I'm glad ot see that we just weren't at the right restaurant.

  2. Wow you got some awesome stuff! I don't think I could have restrained myself either especially since you were driving so could carry more stuff back!

  3. awesome blog!!! thanks for sharing. Just one question...are the shops open on Sunday?

    1. Hi! That depends on the individual shop. You'd have to check their websites to be sure.

  4. Thank you so much for posting this blog!!! We have been stationed in Germany a year and this weekend are doing our first Poland excursion, we were going to have a friend take us but she backed out and we're going in two days! Thank you for sharing!!!