Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bringing Thanksgiving to Erasmus

In 2009 I was living in France. Unlike my 2010 German study abroad, there were hardly any Americans in my French university. I knew them, but I barely saw them. So when my first Thanksgiving away from home came around, I decided I'd introduce it to my European friends.

Cooking in a French dorm was way harder than cooking in a German dorm since our kitchen consisted of a sink and two hot plates-that was it. But, since I was 20 and adventurous, I took on the challenge. Foolish maybe? Naive? But it all turned out fine!

With a dictionary and some luck (and a random girl offering me the use of her toaster oven) I managed to make some of my Thanksgiving staples. My friends were all very helpful-chopping, cooking, and offering helpful insights like "are you really putting marshmallows on a vegetable?"

Welcome to American cooking, friends. ;)

Since there were no tables or chairs in the French dorm kitchen (who knows why? Very unFrench) we piled into a friend's room and ate together. It was cramped, but still really fun.

When my friends filled their plates, one of them looked at it quizzically and said, "Everything is touching...are we supposed to swirl it all together?"

Psssh, what, and miss out on the very essence of Turkey Day?? C'mon!

Afterward dinner we took turns saying what we were thankful for (aww) and then our German and Spanish friends took turns playing the guitar and singing songs. It was awesome.

Not bad for my first Thanksgiving away from home! :)

Did you ever have a moment where good friends felt like family?


  1. Wow! I can't believe you made all that with what you had! Sure puts my kitchen in perspective! Happy Thanksgiving Shannon!

  2. That is a very ambitious first thanksgiving away! Well done :D