Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ait Benhaddou revisited

It's cold and dreary, so I need some sunny memories to cheer me up. You in?

One of the most incredible places I ever visited was Ait Benhaddou on our roadtrip to the Sahara when we were in Morocco. The sight of this desert city with snow capped mountains in the background was something else.

We were also amazed by the tiny trickle of water that made a green patch in the desert.

Fionn and I climbed into this extremely rickety tower...not something I'd do again...

Ah, Morocco. :)


  1. Morocco is high up on my wish list of places to see before I leave Europe. These pictures are amazing!

  2. Oh my goodness, Shannon! You are making me want to go back to Morocco right now :) I loved Ait Benhaddou and wish I could be there right now.