Monday, October 28, 2013

Notre Dame, the Latin Quarter, and a street party led by a giant bird on stilts!

I love the Latin Quarter. As a teenager, I spent my summers there, taking classes at the Alliance Francaise and trying to look cool alongside the trendy students milling about from the Sorbonne.

Making the most of our weather, we walked along the Seine and stopped to look at the Notre Dame.

We walked up in time to see a huge street festival going and some kind of procession taking place outside Notre Dame. It seemed like they were raising money and awareness for handicapped people, and were putting on a special mass for them. There was a band, dancers, bleachers for the huge crowd, and even a hype man.

aaaaaaaaaaand then they brought out a guy on stilts dressed like a giant bird, who delivered a magic letter. It was one of those moments where as a translator, you're pretty sure you're not hearing things right...except you are.

Then, confetti canons! Dancing! Music! 


Yep, a collection of priests led the way into Notre Dame for the special mass, followed by an enormous crush of people streaming after them. It was a wonder they all fit!

Our magic bird friend stayed outside though.

From there we walked along the Seine, visited everyone's favorite (and crazy claustrophobic) English bookstore, Shakespeare and Co, and stopped for another expensive coffee.

Of course, what's a stroll along the Seine without looking at the books and print sellers? I love their funny 1800s prints, especially from the Napoleonic era (my favorite time period!).

Then it was time to come home to a sweet treat. Mmmm...eclairs, religieuse, and millefeuille. Begin sugar coma. ;)

I love Paris.


  1. There were no booksellers there when we went! I feel jipped! haha. That street festival looks like a cool thing to come across though.

    1. It was pretty crazy! I couldn't believe how many people packed into Notre Dame though!

  2. That festival looks like all kinds of crazy! Wow!

  3. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is the best!!!! Man, there were always the strangest goings-on in the Latin Quarter. Strange but awesome, like the pop up orchestra I once saw. So great!

  4. It looks like you had some gorgeous days while you were there!
    The celebration looks a little nuts, but it would have been fun to watch.

  5. This looks nice and sunny! We were there in June and then again a couple of weeks ago, when it poured with rain, but who cares when you can run into the nearest cafe and warm up with a coffee and a crepe?! Sigh...