Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Berchtesgaden and Obersalzberg

During our whirlwind girls' roadtrip down to the Bavarian Alps, Fionn's mom and I were amazed by how beautiful everything was. Berchtesgaden was no exception. The whole town is ringed by gorgeous mountains. Some even have funny shapes, like the famous "Sleeping Witch" mountain!

Everything was just so picturesque. Since this is the heart of Bavaria, we made sure to soak up as much bayerische kultur as possible! :)

obligatory Bavarian breakfast with weisswurst, a pretzel, sweet mustard and half liter of beer!

Outside of Berchtesgaden is Kehlstein, or the "Eagle's Nest", a vacation home built for Hitler as a 50th birthday present. These days it's been transformed into a restaurant.

 Since it was so cloudy we decided not to go up to it and instead explored the Obersalzburg, Hitler's residence and working area, as well as the site of Nazi bunkers. It's since been transformed into a historical exhibit.

the Eagle's Nest from below

You can't take pictures of the museum exhibits, but once we got to the bunker tour I was able to snap a few. It was pretty creepy.

We arrived about an hour before closing, so we had to rush through a bit. Still, it was really interesting and definitely worth a visit if you have the time.

We left Obersalzburg to roam around the charming town of Berchtesgaden. It looked like a postcard!

I loved the traditional Bavarian murals on all the buildings. They're always so detailed!

The town isn't very big but is very walkable. There were lots of cute cafes and interesting looking restaurants too. We stopped in a place called Kurz a Curry for some delicious (and very affordable!) curries and rice. Mmmmm...

As you know, I love me some folk culture. So I was ecstatic to find lots of cute little stores selling Bavarian handicrafts. It was hard not to buy everything. I also stopped in a wood carvers shop and bought some hand carved figurines. So sweet!

all made of wood!

When it got dark we decided to head back to our own corner of Bavaria. I am in love with Berchtesgaden though. If anyone ever wants to roadtrip down to the Bavarian Alps, I'm your gal! ;)

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  1. Pretzel and beer for breakfast?! Sign me up! Seriously can't get over how beautiful the Bavarian Alps are- just stunning!