Friday, September 6, 2013

Sunny Saturday in Bergen, Norway

Bergen really surprised us. We expected it to be a small city, easily seen in a few hours before moving on. But after a day there, we all agreed we wanted to see more! Thus began our sunny Saturday in Bergen!

As we walked around, we found this amazing shop selling the Norwegian national clothes. As most of you know, I am a huge fan of folk dress (like my oohing and aahing in Hungary and Romania) so naturally I had to take a million pictures. The clothes and colors vary from region to region. I was drooling over the fabric and ribbon details they had for sale, but the price tag kept me from impulse buying anything (well, that and Fionn!)

We wandered into a hipster-y part of town and checked out a nearby outdoor market...

Your antlers are unimpressive.

As we walked we stumbled upon a couple of really cool antique stores. They had so many interesting Norwegian handcrafts and old furniture. I almost hate going into these places because I fall in love with so many things and have no way to get it all home. Sad day.

Luckily around the corner was a craft village with more portable trinkets. This being Norway the prices were crazy high, so we did more window shopping than anything else.

Mr. Lars Tarzan, the mascot of this sweater store, happily lounging on a $250 sweater and enjoying Fionn's attention

While we shopped the threatening dark clouds above evaporated and gave way to sun and blue skies. Yay! So we continued our walk along the harbor while the weather was fine.

We decided to make our way to the funicular to get a great view of the city and were luckily that our path led us through a sweet, quiet little neighborhood.

Finally, we made it to the funicular! Since the price was surprisingly affordable (that's a first for Norway!) we took it up the mountain for a breathtaking view of Bergen's 7 hills.

Naturally, we had to stop for tea and some cake.

Fionn takes cake very seriously

We managed to escape the rain while we finished our tea and coffee, and then explored some weird artsy statues before settling down for some Norwegian cuisine and the most expensive dang beer I've ever had in my life ($16 for a pint is pretty painful when you realize you could have a liter of beer in Germany for 8 euro).

Still, tasty!

With that, we called it a day and got rested up for our fjord adventure the next day!

So what do you think of Bergen? Are you laughing at us for paying $16 for a beer? ;)


  1. Your post made me huuuuuungry! That is indeed a very expensive beer - how do they justify that?! The view from up there is breathtaking though, and the traditional dress makes me think back to how much I loved the 'character' part of ballet, because we got to wear black heels and those pretty circular skirts with ribbons! :D

  2. I'm clearly having too much fun reading through all of your Norway posts! ;) I'm glad you got to experience Bergen in the sun - these days are starting to become rare right now! Bergen is always beautiful, no matter how the weather is, but it definitely shows its best side in the sun. But I'm glad to call this city my home now, even if eating & drinking out is so ridiculously expensive. How long did you stay in Norway?


    1. Wow, lucky you! What do you do in Bergen? I thought it was a gorgeous place. We heard about it's rainy reputation so I was doubly thankful for the sun :) We were only there for a 4 day weekend, but I wish we had longer to explore more!

    2. I do study abroad in Bergen! :) Luckily, Germany isn't exactly known for its great weather either, so I'm kind of used to the weather already.