Monday, September 23, 2013

Ritter Sport Factory in Berlin

Confession, I am a chocoholic. When I moved to Germany I discovered Ritter Sport chocolate and soon became completely addicted. All the flavors! The practical square shapes you can break it into! The knickpack!

What, you don't know about the knickpack?! If you're ever struggling to open your Ritter Sport in front of a German, they will not hesitate to take it from you, and with the patience of a parent showing their child how to tie their shoes properly, carefully break the top line of the Ritter Sport bar while it's still inside the wrapper, thus dividing it and opening the package in one smooth, perfectly German engineered moment of brilliance and simplicity. 

Those Germans, man. Thinking of everything. They even have a name for it! Knickpack.

Obviously, I have a huge love affair with Ritter Sport. So when I heard they had a flagship store in Berlin where you can not only by all the kinds they sell but make your own (!!!!) I told Fionn we were going. WE MUST.

Fionn, who at this point knows better than to get between me and my chocolate, very graciously agreed.

The store in Berlin is called the Ritter Sport Schokowelt (Chocolate World), which is a pretty accurate name. Everywhere was chocolate.

They even had lactose free chocolate!! It's like they knew I was coming.

The coolest part was the station where you can make your own chocolate bar. It costs 3,90 euro and takes around 30-45 minutes to complete. You choose three additives and then choose between white or milk chocolate. I chose raspberry and cookies and let Fionn pick the third ingredient. His choice? Rose pepper. Hmmm...

We took a walk around while our Schokocreation got whipped up...

and was time.

I can't help but break it like a knickpack even when there is no knickpack...

The verdict? Very good, though next time I would not add rose pepper (ahem, Fionn...). Still it was amazing cause Ritter Sport always is, and it was awesome seeing all my favorite chocolate in one place.

If you want to visit Ritter Sport's Schokowelt in Berlin, you can find it on Französische Straße 24, near the U-Bahn station Französische Straße. 

So...are you craving Ritter Sport now? :)


  1. That place looks like rainbows and chocolate fused together. Now Ritter Sport is on my travel wish list.

    1. I always forgot to stop by when we were in Berlin. So this time I was like, I don't care if we don't do anything else, WE ARE GOING.

      Sooooo worth it! ;)

  2. Oh wow. I'm craving that chocolate so bad right now :D

    Pinja | That September Feeling

    1. me too! my dream is to have one of those chocolate pipes in my house one day...

  3. I love this chocolate. That's neat that you can make your own! Brandon always says it is his workout chocolate cause it has sport on it. Why does it say sport on it anyways?

    1. I always wondered that too! Maybe to convince us it's healthy or something?

  4. I love that feature of ritter chocolate, but had no idea it even had a name! Haha... "quadratisch, practisch, gut"... it just screams German precision and amuses me immensely. As for chocoweld... they should just go ahead and call it chocolate heaven. I MUST go there!

  5. I really didn't need to know about this place, but now that I do I will definitely make sure I visit when I finally get to Berlin.