Friday, September 13, 2013

Flea Market Madness

My mother in law brings great flea market/antique store vibes with her because I swear, since she's been here we have had some awesome finds!

Last week we stumbled upon an antique store in Amberg that was chock full of amazing pieces. The coolest part was when we found a folder full of pencil sketches from the 1950s. They were done by a local artist and featured lots of Bavarian landscape scenes and portraits. I loved the landscapes since they reminded me of the countryside near where we live. The owner wanted 5 euro per picture, but since we were buying 8 pictures, he gave them to us for 30 euro. My mother in law let Fionn and I pick our favorites, and I can't wait to get them framed. What an awesome memento of Bavaria!

On Saturday we decided to check out Nurnberg's Trempelmarkt, one of the biggest flea markets in Germany that's only held twice a year for one weekend in May and September. Nurnberg's entire city center is taken over with vendors selling all manner of stuff. 

We all found something amongst the throngs of people, though Fionn was particularly happy to find a pair of shoes he's been searching for for only 15 euro! I found an adorable vintage German nativity scene for 20 euro. It's a little dusty but I love how much character it has. The sweet vendor even threw a sheep in for free, laughing in German, "Here's a Christmas gift in September!"

A few tables away I found a vendor selling speculaas cookie molds. Growing up I always saw these hanging in my Dutch relatives' kitchens, so I was happy to scoop one up for 10 euro. Happy!

We had so much fun looking around, even though it took hours to get even halfway through everything. I'm glad my MIL is sticking around for a few more weeks...who knows what else we'll find before she leaves! :)

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  1. Those paintings are beautiful! The perfect momento! And I love the nativity scene (with a free sheep! haha!) and spekulaas forms... they remind me of the springerle forms that my mom has hanging on their walls, some date back to the late 1800s!