Monday, September 16, 2013

Crystal shopping at Nachtmann Part 2

At the beginning of summer I hit up the Nachtmann Crystal Factory in Neustadt, a town near Weiden, with my girlfriends. On Friday I decided to take my mother in law for a visit. What's better for a little bonding time than super cheap Bavarian crystal? :)

We had a great time, especially since we were lucky enough to come on the first Friday of the month mega sale (everything is an additional 20% off, even sale items). I hadn't planned on buying very much, but that plan went right out the window when I found a box of 6 gorgeous Bavarian crystal wine glasses for 12 euro. Uhmm...I'm not crazy, so I sure didn't leave that treasure on the shelf!

Enjoying them at home :)

Ok, full disclosure. I actually left with two boxes of wine glasses. Don't judge.

Deciding to buy the wine glasses made me remember we won't have any juice glasses when we move (our current ones are loaners from the landlord), and I just happened to realize this as I stopped my cart in front of a pallet of juice glasses for 1.50 euro a piece. Into the basket they went.

This trend continued until I had a starburst Christmas platter, a basket weave pattern platter, a bowl, 12 wine glasses, 12 juice glasses, a few tumblers, some Christmas ornaments and a vase. It seemed like a lot, but I was elated to discover that the final price for everything was only 80 euro. Which ok, ain't nothing, but I am so excited to get so much nice German glassware!

Ok, now onto pictures of the spoils.

please ignore messy flower shedding...

and a shot of Bavaria, cause...why not?

Ok, so who's planning a trip to Neustadt an der Waldnaab now?


  1. That star platter is so beautiful! Actually it all is, I'm hardly surprised you left with so much! I'm so keen to get there... though Ikea will do for now *sob*

  2. It'll have to be on a bike... and I'm SO not fit enough for that ;) Or do roadtrips in Germany count trains? Track-trip maybe? :D