Monday, September 23, 2013

Capture the Color 2013

Ace, the expat mastermind behind Life in Dutch, tagged me for the Capture the Color contest! It sounded fun and the prizes are fab, so I thought why not? Enjoy! :) 

I took this picture in Morocco on our camel trek. I was so blown away by the intensity of the Sahara's colors, and how much they change daily.

This picture comes from Lake Konigsee in the Bavarian Alps. I've never seen such beautiful, clear water! It kind of reminded me of Norwegian fjords.

When we walked past this mural on Berlin's Eastside Gallery, I knew we had to stop and snap a picture. It's crazy and fun, which is how I like to think of Fionn and I :)

This is from Bergen, Norway. We found ourselves in a quiet little neighborhood and I just loved the whitewashed look of the place.

I saw this painted on the side of a building in Derry during the Fleadh Cheoil 2013. I loved how welcoming everyone was of all the musicians!

Now it's my turn to nominate someone! Check them out, they're all super fun and have great travel photos.

Once you've been tagged, you can share your photos based on the rules of the Capture the Colour Contest and then nominate 5 other bloggers to do the same. Don't forget to tweet #CTC13 to @travelsupermkt with your blog's URL to complete your entry.

Melanie Fontaine-a German expat in Norway who'll rock your socks with amazing Norwegian pictures and tales from her many adventures.

Amy at Club Narwhal-I love Amy's blog. Fab pictures, awesome travel destinations, and a fun personality to boot? Love it!

Brittany Ruth at the Rococo Roamer-A fellow American expat in Germany, I love Brittany's flea market finds and DIY tips and her travel adventures. She inspires me to bust out the glue gun!

Megan Joy Jaunts- Megan is on the other side of Germany, but that just means I'm jealous of her proximity to France! Check out her blog on travel and expat life!

Erica at the Bartletts Abroad-Erica is a newlywed expat in Germany. She and her husband have all kinds of adventures over in the west of Germany!

Happy coloring! ;)


  1. Shannon, I adore these photos! And they make me want to go back to Morocco and Berlin (which is one of the most magical places I've ever visited). What a fun way to remember your travels :) And thanks for the nomination! Now I have to think about what to do!

    1. I know what you mean! Those are two places I could never get enough of

  2. Wow, the morocco photo for yellow is AMAZING!

  3. Your photos are great, I love the one of you two by the graffiti! I did one of these for Paris, but now I'm keen to do it for Cologne :D Thanks!

  4. You're photos are gorgeous! I also really love the graffiti in Berlin. Great choices!

  5. I love that pic of you and Fionn kissing! And usually I dont like pics of people kissing haha. Im in Naples currently for school, so I'll have to look in my photo archive when I return to germany!

    1. Me neither! I saw the graffiti and knew we had to do it though. It turned out great! Luckily for us Fionn's mom is an artist so she was directing us to get it just right.

      Wow, Naples? That is so awesome. I want to be in whatever school you're in!