Monday, August 5, 2013

Where has the summer gone?

A Facebook friend commented the other day, "Do you ever STOP traveling??" and I had to laugh because no, not really. :) But it made me think I ought to take a break from the travel posts to talk about things we do besides traveling.
the best part of traveling: feeling like a high rolla when you've got all this random money...

July was a pretty busy month for us-we had our big summer vacation to Greece, Romania, and Portugal, Fionn had lots of work, and I said to goodbye to some wonderful ladies I've gotten to know here. It was really hard, but unfortunately it's also the norm for this kind of life. One of my close friends here (and personal medical advice line since she's a PA) was one of the ones who left, which was, how else to put it? Majorly sucky. We went out for one last gelato date with our other girlfriends, but I'll miss her terribly. We definitely shared a sense of humor and I already miss not being able to call her up for some girl time. Sad.

Partying Bavarian style-dirndls and a roasted pig

Luckily I still have quite a few good friends here, and we've been trying to hang out (and beat this crazy heatwave) and make the most of nice Bavarian weather. A few weekends ago we happened upon a swimming hole in the countryside, so we swam, grilled, and made friends with the locals who told us the village swimming hole has been a part of summer in these parts since their grandparents' time. If we go back I'll take pictures!

My awesome childhood friend Michelle came to visit last week (all the way from Florida!), and while she was here we visited Budapest and Vienna! So that travel update will be coming up soon (told you all I do is travel!)


Oh, and with Budapest? I have officially visited my 25th country!! Whoohoo 25 countries by 25!! Let's see if I can make it to 30 before my birthday in a few months!! :)

August is going to be CRAZY-the fest season starts up again, I'm heading to Ireland for a music competition, spending a weekend in Berlin to celebrate an old friend's last year of being in his 20s, and Fionn's mom is coming to visit! We're thinking of taking a trip to Norway...any advice?

Whew, I'm tired just writing that! August is going to be a wild ride. What a lovely, adventurous summer this is turning out to be! :)

How's your summer going?


  1. 25 countries?! Woohoo! That's awesome :) I'm sure another 5 is no big deal ;)

    1. I hope so! My husband has traveled way more than me so it's hard to find places we both haven't been. But hey, challenge accepted ;)