Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sardines, Street Art, and Stairs in Lisbon

Day 2 in Lisbon! Man, was it HOT. As usual, we didn't have much of a plan. When we travel, Fionn is the map guy, we pick out a few places we want to see, and we just wander. He reads the map, and we meander our way through the city, stopping wherever we want. It's fun and not stressful, which is how vacations should be, right?

A Portuguese literary great

Aren't the sidewalks so cool? This style of paving is everywhere. I wish we would have taken more pictures of all the crazy designs! It was enough to make you dizzy sometimes.

We stopped for lunch at a little hole in the wall where we quickly learned the menu was only in Portuguese and our waiter couldn't really speak English. 

"You like fish? You like meat?"

Fionn and I exchanged a glance. Yes? I guess so?

"I bring you some! One minute!"

Fionn ended up with a Lisboan specialty-fried sardines. Sardines were a big deal in Lisbon, in fact, we missed the annual Lisbon Sardine Festival by one week! Fionn, ever the adventurous eater, gobbled his sardines right up and even shared a few with me too. 

My meal was definitely underwhelming-strips of veal fried in butter, covered in a butter sauce, and served with fried potatoes swimming in...what else, butter. It was disappointing, but only 5 euro, so I couldn't complain. I curbed my hunger pains with some delicious Pão de Deus, literally, God's Bread, a sweet yeast bread with a gooey coconut topping. I'm drooling just thinking about it...

After lunch we started the climb up to the old Moorish Castle, where we spent a few hours climbing the castle, avoiding groups of screeching school kids playing some kind of capture the flag game, and taking pictures of lovely Lisbon.

All the oak trees reminded me of Georgia!

After that we started downhill, hungry for ice cream. Along the way we found some gorgeous tiled houses and cool street art.

And finally, after a long hard day of sightseeing in July heat, we had an ice cream cone with chocolate, amaretto-cherry, and speculaas. They even made it into a flower! Mmmmm

That's almost the end of our trip! Our final day we took an X-Day tour with the Lisbon based company We Hate Tourism Tours. With a name like that, you can imagine it wasn't your average tour!

Man, I love Portugal. :)


  1. Love your dress, oh and I have to say that I think I saw your husband yesterday at the post office. I had to do a double take and it was kind of weird seeing internet people come alive but I think it was him lol. Didn't realize we were at the same place.

    -Brittany Ruth

    1. Thanks, it's from H&M! ;) That's too funny you saw him! I figured it was only a matter of time before we ran into each other... :)

  2. Oh my gosh... LOVE that you were in Lisbon! I was just there maybe 2 months ago and I LOVED everything about that city. Seriously, it far exceeded any expectations that I might have had beforehand. Only bummer is I never snapped a photo of one of those trams...

    And oh yess.... the Portuguese eat even weirder foods than the Spaniards which is saying something right there, haha!