Friday, August 9, 2013

Prepare for Straubing!

Guess who got a new dirndl today?? :D

Tomorrow I'm headed to the fest in Straubing. If you haven't heard of Straubing, it's like Oktoberfest but better and without the tourists. I am really excited. Since this is my third summer in Bavaria, I figured it's high time I bought a second dirndl (duh, or else I look the same in all my pictures).

My friend and I spent all afternoon trying on dirndls, and thanks to a very helpful older German lady, we found the perfect ones. She was not shy about voicing her opinions, but it was all done in love and she kept me from buying the frumpy blouse. I am forever indebted, nice saleslady!

Hopefully the weather will hold and Straubing will be as fun as last year. I hope you're ready for the beer fest photo onslaught.

Ah, summer in Bavaria. Bust out your dirndl or lederhosen and come visit! Oh, and the pretzel jewelry. As my friend said today, "this is the only place where you can wear baked goods as accessories!" :)


  1. Ah what a pretty dirndl! I tried one on the other day and decided then that I MUST HAVE ONE!!! Hahaha... so now I'm saving. Where did you buy yours?

    1. I am SO addicted to dirndls :) I bought mine at the Moser Outlet. Here in Bavaria every city has Trachten stores or second hand shops where you can find cheap or on sale dirndls, but you can also find them at the department stores like c&a. If you look on Moser Trachten's website they have a lot of deals! :)

    2. Thanks! I saw one at C&A and quite a few others, but I'll check them out online! :)