Thursday, August 22, 2013

Beethoven, Mozart, and Hayden, oh my!: A weekend in Vienna

After an awesome time in Budapest, it was time to head to Vienna! I'd already been to Vienna, but when Michelle said she was coming to visit, I knew we had to include it in our trip. Michelle comes from a family of music teachers, is an amazing cellist herself, and now teaches the next generation of musicians as an Orchestra teacher. Knowing her love of classical music, we couldn't skip the city of Mozart, Beethoven, and all these other classical music greats!!

The best part was that a fellow cellist from her college days was living and studying music in Vienna and offered to meet up with us. He very kindly showed us around some of the musical highlights of the city, and even took us out for some echte Wiener Schnitzel afterward! :)

The thing I love about Vienna is that music history is everywhere. I mean, you could close your eyes and throw a rock anywhere in the city and hit something that has a musical history. Mozart lived there, Beethoven composed something famous there, Chopin worked there, Hayden once drank a coffee there. There are statues and plaques and opportunities to touch history around every corner. It's a very romantic place.

Since we were short on time we didn't get to see everything we wanted to see, but I was really excited we got to see some of the houses of famous composers. Walking through the building Beethoven lived in while listening to his music? Pretty cool Sunday, in my opinion.

real Beethoven scribbles!

Next up was Mozart's house. Since we were in Vienna on the first Sunday of the month, most of the museums were free...except this one. Rude, Mozart. Very rude.

I consoled myself with a Mozart rubber ducky

"I would like to have everything that is good and beautiful!" -W.A. Mozart

One of the treats of Vienna is the Mozartkugel, or Mozart ball. The candy was first created in 1890 and is still made with the same recipe. It's pistascio marzipan, covered in nougat, covered in chocolate. So naturally I had to try one! 

Once I'd devoured my treat, we continued past St. Stephan's Church and headed to Hayden's house.

That wrapped up our Vienna trip! Soon we were back on the train, bound for Bavaria.

I had such a fun time with Michelle! Fionn is not very musical, so it was nice to have a friend to do music things with. It was so much fun seeing her and catching up after so long. It's so great that our childhood friendship has stood the test of time. You're the rosin to my bow, Michelle! :)

Hope you enjoyed our Vienna trip. Now go listen to some Mozart!


  1. Looks like loads of fun... and the Mozart rubber ducks are too sweet!

  2. What an awesome trip! I have always wanted to visit Vienna and you make it look so incredible (especially those chocolate treats:)!

    1. If nothing else, just go for the treats! ;) I was sad I only bought one...

  3. I loved going to Vienna and I hope to go back soon as I love Austria so much. Would love to move there actually. really loved that horse door knocker (is that what it was?) it was the coolest. Thank you for linking up with Belinda and I for Travel Tuesday! I hope you link up again next week.

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

    1. Yep, it's a door knocker on the door of the Spanish Riding School. The horses were all being shy, but I thought that was such a cute detail! Thanks for hosting TT, it's one of my favorite linkups! I love seeing other people's travels :)

  4. I had so much fun in Vienna with you Shan!!!!!

  5. Love the pictures of Vienna. I have been wanting to go there for ages but we still haven't made it there yet. New Bloglovin' follower from the Tuesday Travel Blog Hop and hope you'll check out our new blog as well.

    Jessica @ Independent Travel Cats

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I love your blog name that is so cute. If you get to Vienna, I'm sure you'll love it! :D