Saturday, July 13, 2013

Travel Wishlist

Since our time in Europe is winding down and we're running out of places to see, i figured it was time to start making a list to get inspired. I got up to 30 places I still want to see, but I'm always open for suggestions!

Of course, I'm willing to travel to eat new things too! :)

1. See Greek Islands and Greece
2. Visit Portugal
3. Visit Romania and eat papanasi
4. See the lovely waters of Croatia
5. Make a trip to Budapest, Hungary
6. See the beautiful town of Tallinn, Estonia
7. Explore Slovenia
8. Sail the Fjords of Norway
9. Go down to the Konigsee to see Berchtesgaden!
10. Go to Reykjavik, Iceland
11. Eat lobster rolls in Maine
12. Take a trip to Boston, MA
13. Swim in the Caribbean
14. See the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen, Denmark
15. Kick it in Stockholm, Sweden
16. Make a trip to Helsinki, Finland (and maybe see the people we know there!)
17. See the Northern Lights somewhere
18. See the Great Pyramids in Egypt
19. Drink mineral water in Karlovy Vary, CZ.
20. Anything in Australia
21. Indonesia
22. Japan
23. Walk the Taj Mahal
24. Drink mate in Argentina or Uruguay
25. See the Grand Canyon
25. Return to the Black Forest and leave with a clock!
26. Brazil
27. See the mountains of Montenegro
28. Find some more socks in Lithuania
29. Go see Texas
30. Drink mojitos in Miami
31. Visit Passau

So, got suggestions? I'm all ears! :)


  1. Hello Shannon...found your blog via
    You should TOTALLY visit Cape Town in South Africa. Table Mountain is a must see. Find some pics here: I get to see it every day on my way to work and even from my balcony at home. Best view ever (and yes I have traveled a bit) :)

    1. That's a great suggestion! Fionn visited SA in college but I have been dying to go, not to mention I would LOVE to escape the German winter! Your pictures are just fueling my wanderlust haha

  2. Hi Shannon! I came across your blog while looking for some bloggers from Nürnberg and I loved reading your posts! This is an amazing list and the fact that you already did a bunch of them is even more amazing :D How was it in Romania? :) I'm originally from a town near Bucharest, but I live in Nürnberg for over 7 years now. Did you enjoy the papanasi ?