Thursday, July 25, 2013

That time we chose Gyros over Sunsets in Oia

We expected the beach to take up most of our day, so we were pretty surprised when lunchtime rolled around and we had not only beached to our hearts' content (and our skin's limit) but also gotten the chance to see the other colored beaches we wanted to see. Since it was Monday a  lot of the museums and ruins were closed so we were kind of at a loss. What to do?

We returned to Fira, hoping to do some exploring, but we got a little tired of souvenir shops and so many people. It had some pretty parts, though.

I loved Oia the day before, and I felt like there was still more to explore, so I suggested we go back there. Fionn was up for that, so off we went, back to Oia.

Just as stunning as before. :) The only thing is, you don't see many locals. Granted, we were there in July during the height of tourist/cruise ship season, but when 99% of the people you pass on the street are tourists too, it's a little strange. Where are the people from Oia?

Since it was getting late, we decided we would stay and watch the sunset. Problem was, we forgot that it was summer and it would be quite a while til the sun actually set. We waited around for a while, taking pictures, strolling hand in hand, and people watching, but when 8 pm rolled around and the sun was still pretty high, we gave up. Not to mention, Oia had been inundated with a bajillion people wanting to see the same thing, we decided watching it from Fira over a gyro sounded just fine to us ;)

As we walked back to the bus stop, we noticed a lot of really cool condemned mansions along the way. They were beautiful, stately old homes, and we wondered why they'd been left that way. I heard Oia had been heavily damaged by a big earthquake in the 1950s, so maybe these were the remnants? Honestly, given Santorini's history with earthquakes, I don't really blame them!

We took one last look at the sun, still pretty high, and another look at the crowded bus arriving in Oia, and decided we didn't regret our decision...

And so, we headed back to Fira, grabbed our gyro, and watched the sun go down there instead. We may have missed Oia's world famous sunset, but I'm not too down about it. That gyro made it all better ;)

That was it for Santorini. Next stop, Athens, Greece! :)


  1. Stopping by from the Fresh Face Friday blog hop! I'd say the sunset you were able to see was absolutely beautiful, even if it wasn't where you originally planned to be!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! :) It's hard not to see something pretty in Santorini, so we weren't too down!

  2. Hey Shannon, I'm a newest follower on GFC from the weekend hop. Santorini is so pretty, one of my dream destinations! have fun in Athens! :)

    I'd love it if you can follow me back :)