Saturday, July 20, 2013

25 by 25

I'm turning 25 this year, so I figured I should make a list of things to complete before the year is out. I mean, I've done a lot of stuff by 25-graduated college, got married, traveled, lived abroad...but there are still things to be done! Bring on the challenge!

What do you think? Have any more ideas for me?

Visit Portugal, check!

1. Visit my 25th country and Fionn's 40th
2. Learn to cook something from the places we've visited
3. Learn a few new words in a new language (maybe start working towards language #4?)
4. Go to a concert or sporting event in Europe (Transatlantic Fleadh and Dervish concert 08/13)
5. Learn to make some traditional Bavarian food
6. Learn to make bread  (soda bread success!)
7. Try 5 new foods (1.Haggis 6/22/13 2.Papanasi 7/14/13 3.Sardines 7/13 4. Bavarian Trout 9/13 5. Foie Gras (10/13)
8. Print and frame some of our favorite travel pictures for a black and white photo wall
9. Get a photo with Fionn and the Eiffel Tower in the background
10. Go snorkeling
11. Compete at the Fleadh Cheoil na Eireann (August 2013)
12. Start working out every week
13. Visit Bath, England and do the Jane Austen thing
14. See a shooting star (August 2013)
15. Swim in clear, blue water (Santorini 7/8/13)
16. Find new ways to tell Fionn I love him
17. Use my sewing machine to make something-clothes, a quilt, whatever
18. Finally get around to making our wedding album
19. Go down to the Bavarian Alps
20. Invest in some good winter wear
21. Start learning to play the mandolin
22. Buy a nice piece of furniture like real grown ups
23. Read the entire Bible
24. Get an article published
25. Travel somewhere really weird


  1. Love this list, especially 7, 8 & 10. I can absolutely recommend Bath. It's just gorgeous.

    1. I really want to make Bath happen. I need to indulge my inner Austen nerd :)

    2. I really want to make Bath happen. I need to indulge my inner Austen nerd :)